We offer loans of up to £250,000 for good credit ratings, £100,000 for average credit ratings and £70,000 for poor credit ratings. Our minimum loan is £3,000.

The average turn around we work towards is 2-3 weeks but we can complete much quicker, it all depends on what is needed and how fast you can send back the required documents.

To apply for a secured loan you must be a UK homeowner. We do not accept tenants. If you jointly own the home you must apply with the other person.

We work up to a 75% LTV. So for example if your house value is £200,000 and your remaining mortgage was £100,000, we would be able to lend up to £49,000.

We help clients with a variety of different credit profiles. It all depends what sort of adverse credit you have and how recent it is.

if you would like to apply for a secured loan then simply use our online form