Consumer Buy to Let mortgages

We are pleased to announce that we have enhanced our CBTL product range. Our 1st and 2nd charge CBTL offering is now available on interest only, effective immediately. 

Consumer Buy to Let mortgages are for those that have become a landlord by circumstance, rather than by choice. To find out more, visit Buy to Let Secured Loans

We want to help as many clients secure the funding they need, and we feel that the best way to do this is by having the right set of products, along with the best support from our dedicated advisor team.

Maeve Ward, Director of Commercial Operations at Central Trust, commented:

"Central trust recognised a lack of lender presence and wanted to address the balance by launching a set of consumer buy to let products.

"We introduced these changes to the market to support non property portfolio landlords that were looking to capital raise against a security they had once lived in, or inherited alongside regulatory protection."

About Central Trust:

We are one of the UK’s longest established specialist lenders, and have been helping clients secure the funds they need since 1988.

We provide loans that are secured against your property, allowing you to access the money you need when other lenders have turned you down previously.

Secured loans can be used to raise funds for a variety of different purposes, including home improvements, capital raising and debt consolidation.

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